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14 Cadets Earn Model Rocketry Badge through New Academy

March 10, 2022

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Clyde, Texas (March, 2022) – Cadets from across Texas Wing assembled in Clyde, Texas to earn Model Rocketry Badges through the first annual Abilene Composite Squadron Model Rocketry Academy.

The activity director, Lieutenant Colonel Jed Taylor of Abilene Composite Squadron, explained goals for this activity included “cadets earning their Model Rocketry Badge, but more importantly to develop a cadre of graduates to return as instructors as we turn this activity into an annual event.”

To earn a Model Rocketry Badge, cadets are required to pass four written tests over the history of rocketry, principle of rocketry, and National Association of Rocketry Safety Code Safety. Additionally, cadets must successfully build and launch four different rockets of varying complexity. 

Cadets first build was rubber band powered Goddard Rockets. These rockets were used in a game of Goddard Freeze Tag in the cafeteria of Clyde High School, and quickly moved to the AlkaSeltzer powered Fizzy Flyers. The unpredictability of Fizzy Flyers make them entertaining and exciting to launch. Cadet Senior Airman Jerry Wood held the record for highest Fizzy Flyer at about five feet off the ground.

Cadets later had “an absolute ‘blast’ launching rockets'' according to Cadet Technical Sergeant James Kearsing. Cadets were required to build and launch two traditional rockets using solid rocket fuel. The culminating rocket carrying an ‘eggcitting’ payload. While none of the eggs survived the day, Cadet Senior Airman Henry Ferguson states he “will remember all the fun and excitement of the time every time he looks at the patch on his uniform.”  

The favorite part of the activity according to Cadet Senior Airman Jerry Wood was “the interactions we had working in launch groups. We really turned into a team.”

Lt. Col. Taylor expressed, “We are excited at the success of this academy and have already started planning our next launch in July of 2022.”  Details for the next academy will be posted on the unit’s website, abilene.CAP.gov

To keep up to date with Abilene Composite Squadrons activities, make sure to follow them on social media @AbileneCAP. 



Cadets launched AlkaSeltzer powered rockets as part of the first stage in understanding Newton’s Third Law as it applies to rocketry.

Cadets launched AlkaSeltzer powered rockets as part of the first stage in understanding Newton’s Third Law as it applies to rocketry.

From Left to Right, Cadet Airman First Class John White, Cadet Airman First Class Joseph White, Texas Wing 

Cadets line up to launch the opening salvo in Goddard Rocket Dodge Ball.


Cadet Airman Connor Elstner, Cadet Airman First Class Joseph White, Cadet Senior Airman Jerry Wood, Cadet Airman Jacob Brouse, Cadet Senior Airman Henry Ferguson, Texas Wing.


Cadet Airman First Class Lilly Provost attaches the electrical leads to her motor in preparation for launch.

Cadet Airman First Class Lilly Provost, Texas Wing

Cadets blast off and launch Alpha III rockets reaching feets up to 1,200 feet.

Cadets ready up to the safety observer for the graduating launch of a rocket carrying an egg.


Cadet Airman Connor Elstenor, Senior Member Dozier, Cadet Airman First Class Emily Provost, Capt Mark Chin, Cadet Airman First Class David White, and Cadet Senior Airman Abbi Holloway, Texas Wing.

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For more information, email the Model Rocketry Academy Staff at mra@abilenecap.gov.

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