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Texas Wing Cadet Soars as a Diver and Glider Pilot

For some people, soaring is a natural state.

C/Capt Colin Agor of SWR-TX-428 is one of them. In the span of 10 days in July, the springboard diver and glider pilot won AAU Boys 16 national diving championships on both the 1-meter and 3-meter boards and successfully completed a checkride to earn a private pilot glider license.

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Cadets Soar to New Heights with Texas Wing Glider Flight Academy

Cadets from across the nation gathered at the Soaring Club of Houston on 9 July to fly gliders and learn the basics of flight. Five cadets earned solo wings, with several more students well on their way to earning their own solo wings. 


The Glider Flight Academy, hosted in south Texas, was established in 2008 by Major David Ayre. The academy continues to grow in popularity and diversity. This year, nearly half of the students were female cadets. Soloing cadet Major Maryanne Yoakum is a returning student from Mildenhall Cadet Squadron and resides in Togo, West Africa. “Civil Air Patrol has challenged me in ways I wasn’t able to find in my life before,” Yoakum stated, “I find that the community around aviation, especially gliding, is one that constantly challenges me.” 

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14 Cadets Earn Model Rocketry Badge through New Academy


Clyde, Texas (March, 2022) – Cadets from across Texas Wing assembled in Clyde, Texas to earn Model Rocketry Badges through the first annual Abilene Composite Squadron Model Rocketry Academy.

The activity director, Lieutenant Colonel Jed Taylor of Abilene Composite Squadron, explained goals for this activity included “cadets earning their Model Rocketry Badge, but more importantly to develop a cadre of graduates to return as instructors as we turn this activity into an annual event.”

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Training to be Our Best on Your Worst Day


Abilene, Texas (Feb. 22, 2022) – You may have seen some people in military style uniforms, orange vests, and weird looking equipment out and about today. Members from the local Civil Air Patrol squadron trained on urban direction finding using emergency locator beacons.


While the technology was developed for aircraft, emergency locator beacons are also carried on boats and even small enough to be carried in backpacks by hikers.  The unit has specially designed tools capable of locating emergency distress beacons.

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T-minus 20 days and Counting to Blast Off

Abilene, Texas (Feb. 13) – Student excitement grows as preparations continue for the first annual Model Rocketry Academy for Abilene Composite Squadron.


The Civil Air Patrol Model Rocketry program allows cadets the opportunity to earn a badge recognizing their accomplishments. According to the activity director, Lieutenant Colonel Jed Taylor, “to earn their badge, cadets must learn and demonstrate their knowledge through four tests, including a safety test, and perform five successful rocket launches and recoveries.”


The lead instructor for the activity, Cadet Second Lieutenant Christopher Potter, described the activity as “a great experience for cadets seeking to learn more about rockets and aerospace!” Potter was also excited about the opportunity for “cadets to earn their Rocketry Badge in just one weekend.” which is, Potter continues, “something that takes most squadrons over a month to accomplish.”


The activity’s organization chart is different from normal Civil Air Patrol terminology. The staff of the activity has organized into Launch Groups and Delta’s. These terms were inspired by the recent reorganization of the United States Space Force into Deltas. 


Cadet Staff Sergeant James Kearsing recently assisted in building the initial risk management assessment for the activity and commented on how “tremendously well put together” the activity is. Kearsing continued “The staff are very dedicated to making sure the students succeed, have fun, and stay safe.”


While everyone continues to plan for the weekend-long activity starting on March 4, at Clyde High School in Clyde, Texas, Cadet Second Lieutenant Isaiah McGuire is building in anticipation of the activity. McGuire stated he “can’t wait to meet and work with new people.”  McGuire expressed he is most looking forward to making new connections and building his peer network.

While excitement continues to build for the activity, Taylor states there are still 25 slots available for students, and anyone who has earned their Model Rocketry Badge is encouraged to contact the academy if they would like to assist with staff. Registration is through the unit’s website, Abilene.CAP.gov/unit-activities/model-rocketry-academy. Questions regarding the activity may be directed to mra@AbileneCAP.org.  The unit will be posting pictures and announcements about the activity through social media on Facebook and Instagram @AbileneCAP. 

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