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Model Rocketry Academy


It's time to get excited about Model Rocketry!

Announcing Abilene Composite Squadron's second annual Model Rocketry Academy
6-8 July 2022

Civil Air Patrol Model Rocketry PatchCivil Air Patrol Model Rocketry Badge

Abilene Composite Squadron will be hosting the 22-2  Model Rocketry Academy on the weekend of 6-8 July 2022. This event will be based out of Clyde High School. The goal is to provide a STEM opportunity for Cadets to earn their rocketry badges. This cycle we will only offer the basic class. However, graduates may be invited back next year for either the Advanced Class or to be Instructors.

All students and staff will receive an academy t-shirt.  All students will have the opportunity to make and take home a fizzy flyer, Goddard Rocket, Estes Alpha III Rocket, and an Elite Egg Launching Rocket. Cadets who demonstrate safe operation and have successful launch and recovery of each rocket to graduate will earn and receive a Model Rocketry Patch.

Honor Graduates even have an opportunity to earn the coveted Leadership Pin.

Graduates of this academy will meet Civil Air Patrol requirements to wear the Model Rocketry Patch and Badge.

The cost for this activity will be $75 for students and $50 for staff.

Lodging will be inside classrooms of Clyde High School.  We are currently trying to source cots, but they may not be available. Members are encouraged to bring any bedding, air mattresses, cots, or foam padding they would like.

Staff Applications are NOW OPEN

Model Rocketry Academy staff applications are now open.  Staff positions will include instructors and a full support staff similar in scope to any other activity. 

Instructors shall be patched Model Rocketry Cadets.

All other staff positions may be filled by any interested cadet.  Phase 2 and 3 cadets are encouraged to challenge themselves with a leadership role.



If you have a question about any position or application please contact us at mra@abilenecap.org to apply.


Student Applications are NOW OPEN

Please register for this event at Event Brite (follow this link).  Attendance is limited so please act quickly. 

We are limiting the number of student slots during this activity to 24 students and supporting staff.  All cadets must have a full uniform and have earned the Curry Achievement.  All instructor staff must have earned the Model Rocketry Badge. All other staff is encouraged to have earned the Model Rocketry Badge.

Make sure to submit your required forms -------->


Required Forms

Once you have purchased your ticket, please submit the following forms to mra@abilenecap.org:

Packing List

For more information, contact .

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